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"Amália became eternal and is more alive than ever"


After 20 years of building her own repertoire in cooperation with the greatest writers, poets and Portuguese musicians Mísia felt a desire to offer a gift “for Amalia”. She has previously sung fados from the amaliano repertoire however, only fragments of it. This time Mísia has recorded a double album.

“Para Amalia” has been recorded in Lisbon at the end of 2014, the year of efeméride of 15 years of physical disappearance of Amalia Rodrigues. “Para Amalia” consists of eighteen beautiful fados from amalian repertoire by Alain Oulman, Carlos Gonçalves, Fontes Rocha, David Mourao Ferreira, Amalia, Afonso Lopes Vieira, Pedro Homem de Mello etc. and four new, original ones by Amélia Muge, Tiago Torres da Silva, Mário Cláudio and Mísia. All works on the album are being performed in tribute to Amlia Rodrigues.

This beautiful show can be presented in two settings. First is a more intimate and stripped down with piano and vocals only. Second a more complex one with guitar joining vocals and piano. Both being accompanied by visuals especially created for the show.

“For Amalia” will be in stores and on stage in October 2015.