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After a few years break Skalpel is back with brand new tracks to be released later in the year on „Transit“ album but before it happens there is more music: they will start off with „Simple“ EP out now.

Duo, established by composers and producers well known in broadly defined electronic music circles. Their trademark was referencing a rich heritage of Polish jazz of the 1960s and the 1970s, with inspirations taken from the likes of Komeda, Stańko, Urbaniak and molding all of those retro ideas into their own original vision of contemporary sound. Two internationally acclaimed albums „Skalpel“ and „Konfusion“ released at that time by Ninja Tune put Skalpel on the radar of curious and avid fans of different genres of music – from jazz, through electronica to club and hip-hop. „Simple“ will give a little sample of band’s new sound and contains extra tracks that will not feature on the album, a remix and an intro to „Transit“ in the form of „Simple“.

This will be a treat for those who have patiently waited since 2005. Skalpel also have a new live incarnation. Marcin and Igor will be joined on stage by J=J (Joanna Duda on synths and Jan Młynarski on drums) and that will give a comlplete new depth to the tracks on the set list – those well known to Skalpel fans and those heard for the first time.

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