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Igor Boxx

Igor Boxx - Delirium. OUT NOW

Igor Boxx - Deliruim 


RELEASE DATE: 06.11.2015

Described by Igor himself as „psychological self-portrait”, a missing link between Skalpel’s „Konfusion” and Igors’s debut album „Breslau” (his first solo work, released on Ninja Tune). The latest release, is a place where jazz inspirations meet psychedelic elements of krautrock and new wave, creating a mosaic of musical hallucinations. CD, digital, vinyl

Igor Boxx - "Fyodor" Out Now

Igor Pudło - co-creator of the Wrocław based, electronic duo Skalpel, known for his solo albums “Breslau” and “Delirium”, introduces his new release: “Fyodor”.

Igor Boxx


Igor of renowned Skalpel (Ninja Tunes' recording duo) releases "Dream Logic" - nostalgic journey into the 90's golden era of downtempo, headz music i trip-hop.

Igor Boxx