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Iggy Pop goes on tour Iggy Pop goes on tour

It's summer time, which means summer festivals are upon us. Here are the dates and festivals at which you will be able to catch Iggy Pop's performances.

July 2nd - ATP Iceland, Keflavik, Iceland
July 11th - Festival Les Ardentes, Liege, Belgium
July 17th - Les NuitsDe Fourvire, Lyon, France
July 19th - Wiesen Festival, Wiesen, Austria
August 8th - Heavy Montreal 2015, Montreal, Canada
August 13th - Foire aux Vins d'Alsace Officiel
September 19th - Faan Fest, Oviedo, Spain

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Igor Boxx - Delirium. OUT NOW Igor Boxx - Delirium. OUT NOW

Igor Boxx - Deliruim 


RELEASE DATE: 06.11.2015

Described by Igor himself as „psychological self-portrait”, a missing link between Skalpel’s „Konfusion” and Igors’s debut album „Breslau” (his first solo work, released on Ninja Tune). The latest release, is a place where jazz inspirations meet psychedelic elements of krautrock and new wave, creating a mosaic of musical hallucinations. CD, digital, vinyl

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Meeting by Chance - Conversation. OUT NOW Meeting by Chance - Conversation. OUT NOW

Meeting by Chance – Conversation

RELEASE DATE: 30.09.2015

Marcin, musician/producer with creative ADHD presents his latest collaboration with very talented Russian musician Krivitsky. New EP “Conversation” released by PLUGAUDIO is a musical meeting of Russian and Polish worlds. It is a journey on which both artists try to look for a common denominator while traveling into the ambient corners of the musical world.

CD, Digital

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"Amália became eternal and is more alive than ever"


After 20 years of building her own repertoire in cooperation with the greatest writers, poets and Portuguese musicians Mísia felt a desire to offer a gift “for Amalia”. She has previously sung fados from the amaliano repertoire however, only fragments of it. This time Mísia has recorded a double album.

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