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Solid portion of raw and heavy techno coming to CEO.

ZAMILSKA, a music producer from Silesia, is a newcomer to the music scene. Her debut album UNTUNE released may 26th 2014 did not disappoint those who hailed ZAMILSKA the sensation of the year on the strength of her first single QUARREL. UNTUNE despite its‘ heavier nature instantly gained recognition among critics and even more importantly struck a chord with a wider than expected audience.

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Iggy Pop goes on tour Iggy Pop goes on tour

It's summer time, which means summer festivals are upon us. Here are the dates and festivals at which you will be able to catch Iggy Pop's performances.

July 2nd - ATP Iceland, Keflavik, Iceland
July 11th - Festival Les Ardentes, Liege, Belgium
July 17th - Les NuitsDe Fourvire, Lyon, France
July 19th - Wiesen Festival, Wiesen, Austria
August 8th - Heavy Montreal 2015, Montreal, Canada
August 13th - Foire aux Vins d'Alsace Officiel
September 19th - Faan Fest, Oviedo, Spain

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